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Maintenance & Replenishment

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Maintenance & Replenishment

Given the extent of our Private Rental Sector fit-out contracts and multi-unit apartment furnishings, we are proud to have a dedicated team devoted to replenishment and maintenance keeping properties looking their best both during and after tenancies.
We understand the need to quickly turnaround properties and we carry a large range of furniture and accessories in stock so we can replenish properties efficiently ensuring your property is getting the best return and minimizing the loss of rental income.
We also have a team of skilled tradesmen available to deal with any maintenance issues that may arise both during and in between tenancies.
Our expert team are on hand for general maintenance issues as well as replenishment requirements such as floor fitting, window dressings, painting and decorating.
To learn more about this service, please call us on 01 293 3666.

Furniture Replenishment

Our supply chain and logistic capacity, including warehousing, staff and vehicles allows us to fully support our partners in terms of replenishment and maintenance.

Apartment Maintenance

We have a full service team of trades and maintenance professional for quick turnaround of jobs.

Domestic & International Supply

Our supply chain is growing in efficiency and effectiveness to better serve our clients.

Quick Response Logistics

Our technologies allow managing agents to log straight into our stock platform and order as required.

Replenishment Agreements

We currently manage over 3,500 units for our partners with a full time team specifically allocated to supporting them.

Stock Technology

Our IT features combine to help enormously with regards to reporting and managing stock levels on behalf of a client.