House + Garden has everything required to make your property stand out from the crowd.

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Staging Properties

Enhancing the sale process.

Having your property staged by House + Garden could be one of the most lucrative investments that you will make.
There is no doubting the power of a first impression especially when it comes to selling your property. Every time a potential buyer walks through your door you need their reaction to be WOW!
The more the buyer is impressed by what they see, the more they can see the potential of the place, the more likely they are to start imagining themselves living there.
It is essential to show the buyer the potential of each living space by showcasing the beauty, versatility and functionality of all rooms. How do you do this? The answer is simple, you stage it.
House + Garden has been successfully staging properties for more than two decades. In 2016 alone, we have been instrumental in selling over €65m worth of properties. We ignite a buyer’s imagination, styling spaces in a way that inspires them to envisage their future there – entertaining friends and bringing up their family.

Our Services

Present The Living Vision
Dressed Expertly to the House Style
Large Furnishing Stock Available
Turnkey Fitout Service

Dressing Your Home For Sale

Two Hour Consultation

From €300 (Location Dependent)

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If you are interested in guidance and advice as you prepare your home for sale, House + Garden’s team of experts can visit your property for a two-hour consultation to guide you on how best to dress your house for sale based on your target market.

With our experience and skills in design and house sales, our team will assist you in showing your property at its ultimate best, accentuating all the positives for visual and emotive appeal. We will provide you with knowledge about best furniture placements, works to enhance rooms and tips to introduce light, warmth and appealing styles.


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