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Prioritising Sustainability Targets

We fully realise the importance of sustainability in House + Garden and in our services. We recycle, reuse, and have many internal policies driving our efficiency. Our staff are aware, upskilled and seek out new and best practices. Our suppliers are vetted and held to account.
We take our responsibility seriously to source from ethical suppliers and work with companies that hold the same environmental values as us.
We are actively working towards our Sustainability Mission, a fully audited accreditation to prove our practices.
We are passionate about making a difference and creating change in our industry so we deliver climate positive, sustainable projects.


Our recycling is proven through various initiatives in place. Our new Sustainability Officer works to a Waste Management Plan which covers all aspects of company, supplier and client inefficiencies.


We employ over 60 professionals who together review and consider cradle to grave design approaches, purchasing products that can be broken down to be reused at the end of their lifecycle. Our new Retail Showroom sells our pre used stock, which cuts down on waste.

Furniture Donations

Given the turnover of our furniture products, our system to donate older and unsaleable items to a number of furniture partners is our commitment.

Purchase Power

We take our responsibility seriously to source from ethical suppliers and work with companies that hold the same environmental values as us. We strive to be a transparent and honest business, ensuring our clients can have full confidence in us and the products they are buying. We are in ongoing discussions with suppliers about sustainable packaging.

Our Supplier Partners

Many of our supply partners have Social Responsibility policies in place and they aim to prevent pollution by taking the principle of protection of the natural environment as a principle, to control the use of natural resources and to increase productivity by eliminating wastes, to continuously work to reduce the use of natural resources and the planting of new trees.
They are accredited with various standards including SA 8000, TSE ISO EN 14000, and TS EN ISO 50001. These companies provide us with Fabrics, springs and fillings for our products.

Our Supplier Audit

We question and do business on the back of sustainable practices. These questions include:
– What percentage of your materials have a sustainability certification ex FSC, Good weave?
– Do you source renewable energy, are waste materials reused, recycled or used for energy?
– Have you eradicated modern slavery from within your business and do you hold your own suppliers to account over this?
– Are you using materials or techniques to develop sustainable products in an innovative way?

Our Proof Points


Newly appointed Sustainability Officer to drive agenda and train all staff


All sorted and recycled as far as is possible. We work with Environgreen who collect and manage our waste, providing us with real time recycling reports, detailing our CO2 savings.


We have invested heavily in new recycling machinery to increase efficiency while reducing our CO2 footprint. We can measure this reduction.


Zero VOC paint selection


Produced from recycled material like bottles and fishing nets.


Selecting natural products like rattan, cork, hemp, sustainable wood.


Reduction of HQ lighting. Selecting low energy lighting and fittings where possible.


Our paper is shredded and collected by Pulp who in turn recycle it.


We fill our Trucks prior to delivery, to cut down on unnecessary journeys.


We recycle 100% of the mattresses and carboard we use.


We recycling WEEE – – waste electrical & electronic equipment, as well as paper products, batteries and plastic bottles


Our FSC® certified printer uses FSC® certified paper, to produce all printed pieces. Our paper supplier is part of a carbon offsetting scheme.